Olympus OM-D EM-10 Mark II is Bloomberg’s Pick for Scenic Touring

Olympus OM-D EM-10 Mark II

Bloomberg has selected the Olympus OM-D EM-10 Mark II for its top travel camera list, as the camera best suited for scenic touring. These little awards and top picks might not seem important to many photographers, but m43 cameras can use the exposure. m43 should excel at travel related awards like these where weight and over all system size become a factor. It’s generally far easier to travel with a mirrorless system and a set of high quality lenses than it is a big bulky DSLR, where you will run into weight/space limitations. 


Via Bloomberg

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  • With the 14-42 pictured, this would be a small lightweight setup for those who want more flexibility and better IQ than a smartphone.

    • I’v been a fan of m43 since the GF1. Sadly very few people know the image quality that these cameras can create. M43 makes a great travel camer in just about every category.

      • Lenny Carlson

        I have the GF3 but I wouldn’t consider it for travel photography, despite its size. I’d pick a Sigma DP1/DP2.

        • Sigma DP1/2 are great, but processing hundreds of photos from a trip would be a nightmare. They are also bad for low light, but modern m43 holds its own now.

          • Lenny Carlson

            Actually the DP1M I have produces excellent jpegs, so processing them boils down to choosing the right folder for storage 🙂 I’ve never considered shooting jpegs until I got the Sigma.

          • Fujifilm has the best JPEGs IMO, but I still shoot RAW and then use the film simulation in LR. Every few years I try JPEG for a little, but I always go back to raw only.