Panasonic LX100II Leaked

Nokishita leaked the Panasonic LX100 II today and it’s a long time coming. The Panasonic LX100 II and LUMIX DC-FT 7 are expected on August 23rd.

via Nokishita

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m43 EISA 2018 Awards

Panasonic GH5S
This camera is specially designed for demanding videographers. The 10.2-megapixel Four Thirds sensor offers dual native ISO sensitivities for the best picture quality when working in low light. It also offers many different recording formats, including 4K/30p 4:2:2 10-bit direct to card without any time limit, or high frame rates (240fps in Full HD) for smooth slow motion. It also offers V-Log and HDR mode for wide dynamic range and better tonal rendering. Other useful facilities include a zebra pattern display, time code in/out function as well as a waveform and Vector Scope monitor.

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DPReviewTV: 4k and 6k Photo Modes Explained

DPReviewTV decided to cover 4k and 6k in depth for those that haven’t experimented with them yet. I hope the next generation of m43 cameras are able to perform these captures in RAW since I never shoot JPEG, but this feature could be useful for photographers that do not mind shooting RAW.

Panasonic GH5: B&H Photo / Amazon / Adorama
Panasonic Lumix DC-G9: B&H Photo / Amazon / Adorama

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Net SE The Company Behind Meyer Optik Görlitz is in Bankruptcy

There’s been a pretty big jump in third-party lens releases over the past two years and Meyer Optik Görlitz has been a part of that jump. Unfortunately, Net SE which is the company behind Meyer Optik Görlitz, Ihagee and Schacht has been in bankruptcy since mid-July.

At this time it is unknown what will be the effect of this bankruptcy, but Meyer Optik Görlitz has almost nothing left in stock on their site. The current Indeiegogo and Kickstarters campaigns are further complicated by the lawsuit and the following statement was released as an update.

“we have a rather sad message for you today. A few weeks ago, our founder, CEO and main investor Stefan Immes had a serious traffic accident, which he barely survived. Although we have been able to talk to him and although, for a very short time of the day he has become the astute, humorous and positive entrepreneur we know, it is now clear that due to the severity of the injuries he will not be able to continue running the company in the foreseeable future.

For a company of 15 employees only, this entails a large number of changes. Currently, we are in the process of reorganization and are trying to establish a working system as no successor regulation can yet be found for the Net SE Group. For this reason, we are currently undergoing a restructuring process with an as yet unknown outcome for the individual divisions.

Especially as far as Crowdfunding is concerned, we think that we will need until the end of October to be able to share our conclusions on how to proceed. One of the top priorities of the Oprema Crowdfunding team is, of course, to deliver the orders we receive as promised. However, we ask for your understanding that, for legal reasons alone, we cannot make any faster decisions without having reorganized the company. For technical questions, our support team is of course still available, but we can only make limited forecasts about the development progress of our projects.

We are honestly touched and the shock still sits deep. We are also extremely sorry that we are not able to spread better and more positive news at the moment, but we are working very hard to change this at short notice.

Yours sincerly, team at Oprema Optik”

The following Kickstarter/Indiegogo are likely affected by Net SE’s bankruptcy and could lead to a total loss for backers.

We have always had a good relationship with Meyer Optik Görlitz and we wish them well. Hopefully, backers are made whole in this process so that future backers aren’t reluctant to get involved in future lens projects on Kickstarter/Indiegogo.

via Photorumors, FujiAddict

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Olympus FY2019 Q1 Report: Revenues Are Down 8% Due to Increased Competition

2018 has been an exciting year for mirrorless camera fans, but m43 seems to be hurting from the competition. The release of cameras like the Fujifilm X-T2, Sony a7III, and a7RIII have put the squeeze on smaller sensor cameras and it might get worse if the rumored price reductions come to fruition with Nikon and Canon entering the mirrorless market. 2019 might be a make or break year for Olympus so let’s hope they release something exciting before the X-T3 and Nikon/Canon mirrorless cameras are released so m43 remains strong.

Consolidated revenue in the Imaging Business amounted to ¥13,891 million (down 8.2% year on year), while operating loss amounted to ¥5,785 million (compared with an operating profit of ¥886 million in the same period of the previous fiscal year).

The Imaging Business’s revenue declined due partly to the impact of constraints on supplies of certain products in conjunction with restructuring of manufacturing locations.

As a result of a decrease in revenues and the recording of costs associated with the restructuring of manufacturing locations, operating loss was recognized in the Imaging Business.

via Olympus

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Lensbaby Sol 22 f/3.5 Tilt-Shift Lenses Available For m43

Lensbaby is a good inexpensive option if you’re looking to learn about tilt-shift photography. Lensbaby even released a step by step guide which you can read here about how to do tilt-shift photography. You can find the Lensbaby Sol 22 f/3.5 Tilt-Shift at B&H Photo.

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