Camera Store TV on The Panasonic GX85

Camera Store TV isn’t impressed with the new Panasonic GX85 for a variety of good reasons that are probably related to the GH5 being late. Unfortunately the delay of the Panasonic GH5 leaves a gap in our understanding of what the latest and greatest m43 sensors should be capable of, which could cause disappointment. The GX85 is a step above other m43 bodies on the market in many ways, but I think we are approaching a point where reviewers expect more than an incrementally updated sensor in new m43 bodies.

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  • Dennis Linden

    I’d say that they actually liked it, but were disappointed with some video limitations – such as no mic input. I wonder however, if they could use the USB input for audio ?? seems like a quick fix for that.

    I have the GX85 and have found it to be my new best friend, esp with the 15 mm and the L – Monochrome mode… Just loving it, and that leads me to believe they always wanted it to be a photographers camera.

    • I was considering it, but I will likely get a Pen F…