Panasonic Interview with Yosuke Yamade, Photo Manager About L-Mount

lesnumeriques interviewed Panasonic’s Yosuke Yamade, Photo Manager about their partnership with Leica and the L-Mount system. Below are some translated and condensed excerpts from the interview:

  • Considered Full Frame 24×36 8 years ago, but at the time there were technical and logistical problems
  • Sony launched their full frame 24×36 cameras five years ago
  • Panasonic felt ready to take on 24×36 full frame two years ago but was worried their 17 years of Lumix wouldn’t be enough to support the system.
  • They looked for partners to help them respect their customers and make their digital full frame more attractive
  • Leica was obvious since they were involved in Lumix since 2001, but they have also had a technological partnership for the past 4 years now.
  • Panasonic was very involved in the design of L-Mount.
  • Sigma was taped for their reputation for high-end products and the things Kazuto Yamaki, CEO of Sigma was passionate about
  • Sigma and Panasonic have a similar philosophy
  • Panasonic brought Sigma and Leica to the table to form the alliance
  • Olympus wasn’t included because their visions are diverging from where they were ten years ago
  • The S1R is big because it provides a good balance between grip, resistance and size
  •  The alliance only concerns the L-mount and its communication system so Sigma can do Foveon without issue
  • Panasonic is working on artificial intelligence for photography and video
  • For AF you have to consider where to focus, how far the subject is from the camera, and the accuracy of the focus
  • DFD technology considers how far the subject is from the camera, and the accuracy of the focus
  • Where to focus is the area that AI can improve
  • AI improves AFing eyes on a face and animals in motion
  • Still working on figuring out 8k for 2020
  • The Panasonic CM1 is dead
  • Panasonic will try to protect the m43 market

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Panasonic GH5 Firmware 2.4 Coming Late October 2018

1.Improvement of AF performance
・There were cases where focus point was shifted to the background while tracking the subject in AFC mode. The new firmware minimizes this problem.

Tracking performance in continuous AF has been improved by optimizing the tracking algorithm.
The subject is tracked even if it moves actively, such as in sports scenes where the focus previously shifted to the background.

・There were cases where focus point was shifted to the background while tracking the subject in video recording. The new firmware minimizes this problem.

The accuracy of detecting the subject has been improved by optimizing the focus area settings and tracking speed.
The point of focus remains on the subject instead of shifting to the background.

2.Improvement of video recording operation
・[One Push AE] failed to operate when [SS/Gain Operation] is set to [ANGLE/ISO] while shooting in Creative Video M mode. This bug has been fixed.

Panasonic GH5: B&H Photo / Amazon / Adorama
Panasonic GH5S:
 B&H Photo / Adorama / Amazon

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Leaving Lightroom: ON1 Photo RAW Announced With Lightroom Photo Settings Import Tool

Everyone is looking to take on Lightroom after their move to a cloud-centric subscription based system and ON1 2019 has made the most progress this year with their AI based Lightroom photo settings import tool feature. I have to say I was shocked to see the feature in action, but it looks like exactly what I asked for when I wrote about leaving Lightroom. You can read the press release below or just the key features. I have a huge Lightroom library to import and I can’t wait to see how the import tool works with a few terabytes of RAW files from different cameras.

Announce Campaign Details:
ON1 Photo RAW 2019 with 1 year of ON1 Plus: $129.99
Full Version for NEW customers: $99.99
Upgrade for existing ON1 Product owners: $79.99

Portrait Module
The new Portrait module will automatically detect faces in your photo and will retouch to smooth skin, brighten and sharpen eyes, and whiten teeth.

Focus Stacking
Blend multiple photos at different focus distances to increase depth-of-field.

Auto-Align Layers
Easily combine multiple photos as layers, then automatically align them based on image content.

Text Tool
Perfect for creating posters, adding your byline or adding editing annotations. Easily control font size, color, position, and more, then save to a preset to add the same text overlay to a batch of photos quickly.

Master Keyword List
Now you can see every keyword that you use in a single, searchable list. You can quickly apply, clear, edit, or delete keywords.

Improved Local Adjustments
Local adjustments will be updated to use the raw processing data. This allows for more highlight and shadow details with more tonal range.

Layered HDR Workflow
With the powerful new non-destructive layers you can combine other photos, text, or alternate exposures with your HDR photos. You can even use the powerful masking tools to combine multiple HDR renditions.

Filter Options in Effects
We have added dedicated film grain, curves, and color adjustment filters to Effects. There’s also a new way to select and browse filters.

User Interface
Overall contrast has been reduced to make photos stand out along with a new font to help increase readability. New icons, tabs, and sliders will also take up less visual space.

Press Release:
We are incredibly excited to announce the new ON1 Photo RAW 2019 – coming this November. Version 2019 is one of the biggest and best releases in our history, and we have the ON1 community to thank. Read More »

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Panasonic S1/S1R Roundup

The Panasonic S1/S1R are exciting cameras, but Panasonic doesn’t have much to say about them. It’s kind of interesting that they are using the same tilt screen configuration as Fujifilm. It also looks like Panasonic will continue using their depth defocus system according to some reports.

DPReview – Photokina 2018: Hands-on with Panasonic Lumix S1R

engadget – Panasonic’s full-frame mirrorless S1R is loaded with potential

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Sigma’s L-Mount Conference With Screen Shots and Bullet Points

Sigma completed the construction of there magnesium factory and is one of the few manufacturers to have their own magnesium factory.

Some of the lenses being announced rely on this factory

Sigma announced new lenses:

28mm F1.4 DG HSM | Art

  • A high-quality lens of the Art line with a brightness of F1.4, with a focal length of 28 mm representing a wide angle lens
  • Dustproof drip-proof structure
  • Mount: Sigma, Nikon, Canon, Sony E

40mm F1.4 DG HSM | Art

  • High image quality lens with angle of view and performance required for cine lenses for image shooting
  • Optical design to withstand the resolving power of ultra-high quality cameras with over 50 million pixels
  • Dustproof drip-proof structure
  • Mount: Sigma, Nikon, Canon, Sony E

70-200 mm F 2.8 DG OS HSM | Sports

  • It can be said as a professional essential lens F 2.8 telephoto zoom lens
  • By adopting magnesium positively in the body, weight saving
  • Dustproof drip-proof structure
  • Adopt Intelligent OS for all-direction follow shots
  • Mount: Sigma, Nikon, Canon

60-600 mm F4.5 – 6.3 DG OS HSM | Sports

  • A high magnification zoom lens that has a zoom ratio of 10 times and widely covers the equivalent of 60 to 600 mm
  • The camera shake correction is Intelligent OS adopting the latest algorithm, correction effect is about 4 steps
  • Dustproof drip-proof structure
  • Mount: Sigma, Nikon, Canon
  • Suggested retail price (excluding tax): 250,000 yen
  • Expected release date: October 12 (Sigma · Canon), October 26 (Nikon)

56mm F1.4 DC DN | Contemporary

  • Medium telephoto lens for digital single lens with APS – C size imaging device
  • It compatible with drawing performance comparable to high quality lens on Art line and compact and lightweight
  • Dustproof drip-proof structure
  • Mount: Micro Four Thirds, Sony E

10 full frame cine prime lenses

8 lenses coming

L-Mount System in the Future

  1. Sigma is going to release a Full Frame Foveon sensor for L-mount avalible in 2019
  2. Will only focus on L-Mount system and are abandoning SA mount cameras
  3. They will still make lenses for SA mount even though there will be no cameras
  4. Sigma will release SA to L-mount and EF to L-Mount adapters in 2019
  5. Navitve L-mount lenses will come in 2019 from Sigma
  6. Sigma will provide L-Mount conversion services for lenses made by companies in L-Mount
  7. You can use Sigma PL Lenses with Leica PL to L-Mount adapter
  8. You can use Leica M-mount lenses with L-Mount with Leica’s M-Mount adapter

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Cinema5D: Panasonic LUMIX S1 and S1R Interview

Cinema5D Interviewed Mike Owen from Panasonic and you can find the details below:

  • Both bodies are identical
  • Only difference being megapixels
  • Both will have high video quality, but the S1 will be better for the videographer
  • Can’t share if there will be 10-bit internal
  • They hope to have the best codecs and recording capabilities
  • Next round of information early 2019
  • They just wanted to announce their development
  • They have committed to 3 lenses and there are Leica lenses
  • Sigma should also bring some interesting lenses
  • They are considering adapting AF full frame lenses from other manufacturers
  • AF will be very good, but too early to say how good yet
  • Feedback is very important to them
  • It’s only a technology announcement today
  • No photos shown today were from the Panasonic LUMIX S1 and S1R
  • Dual IS
  • No pricing information yet

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