Panasonic GH5 Firmware Fix Recommendations

12 Things Panasonic should fix in their next firmware update

  1. AF should work before recording in variable frame rate
  2. Auto ISO doesn’t tell you the ISO the camera is choosing while recording
  3. Manual focus assistance while recoding
  4. More control over custom settings
  5. Record audio with more frame rates
  6. Record at 48 fps with audio
  7. Access to lower bit rates
  8. Should be able to hot swap the battery in the battery grip without the battery being completely dead
  9. Doesn’t tell how much battery life is left in the camera and the grip
  10. Stretch the footage on the rear screen when using anamorphic lenses
  11. Fix the IBS sway when walking
  12. Improve continuous autofocus when recording

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  • Eno

    If Panasonic reads those forums I have a request for a future firmware update on the GH5:

    I wold like to see a dedicated “6K” video option (for 3/2 and 4/3
    aspect ratios), with proper audio bit rate (PCM uncompressed audio (nota low bit rate as it is now), 24 and 25 fps frame rates (not only 30 fps) and a 5,5K option in 16/9 aspect ratio.

    Improved algorithms for continuous AF in video mode.

    An option to select the speed of the manual focus by wire on native
    m4/3 lenses. The current variable focus speed is not so great. It needs a lot of unnecessary turn at normal turn speed and it’s way to quick for a faster turn of the manual focus ring. What I wold like to see is a
    constant but in camera selectable manual focus speed (slow, medium and fast).

    In manual focus mode, I wold love to see a distance scale on the camera screen (for the m4/3 lenses).

    Thank you!

  • Christobella

    It would be extremely useful to be able to punch in Extend Tele whilst recording.