OM-D E-M1 Mark II First Touch & Try With Photographers

Olympus has always built cameras that make working photographers and classical film photographers happy and it shows in the feedback. I love the feel of shooting Leica and Fujifilm cameras, but Olympus manages to make their cameras accessible to everyone in my experience.

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  • The first video had some bad stills containing blown highlights and evidence of cropping too deeply. No low light shots. Nothing that demonstrates the claimed improvements in DR or noise. Some shots had the ‘wow’ factor of taking a competent image in a spectacular place, but this piece of marketing is not talking to a discerning demographic, only those who think a nice image of a nice place taken in good light must somehow depend on the particular camera in use. “The perfect camera looks like this?” Give me a break.

    I can’t judge the 4K video as I watched it on a HD monitor but again, ‘nice’ images in a ‘nice’ place. Nothing to say *this* camera makes *these* images possible.

    Pathetic lazy marketing toss.

    • Jeffry De Meyer

      Ok marketing wise this turns heads and generates interest.
      Worthless to make out if the camera is all that amazing as they are claiming, but that is not their job.

      • The ‘pre-announcement’ or whatever that was at Photokina happened nearly a month ago. The time for empty marketing has passed. We need numbers, hard facts and informed opinions.