DigitalRev Goes Hands-on With The Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II

“Just when you thought m43 had nothing new… They go and do this… This is a serious alternative to a DSLR full frame… Not even a Canon 1DX can shoot this fast.”

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  • There’s more to be discovered about this camera – improvements to DR & noise are yet to be quantified – but the thing about this ‘hands on’ that will please many is the statement re ‘no EVF blackout’ during high speed burst mode. It can’t literally be “no” blackout, but it seems the blackout period has been very substantially reduced. This should be of interest to those who shoot ‘action’ in good light, especially if the AF tracking has similarly improved.

    • Franko

      i guess the EVF laggs “a bit” .. i dont know if a short blackout or a lag behind is actually better, but for wildlife or sports both will suck equally and an ovf is probably still be better.
      but compared to other mirrorless cameras in that league (a6300/6500/x-t2) the big advantage is probably the lower MP count.. even with same processor power the 20MP are better to process. so i could imagine that the olympus could have an advantage over the fuji and sony.
      it is still amazing that we have the choice of 3 mirrorless cameras capable of semi-professional or even fully professional sport .. that is just insane.. last year i couldnt recomment one mirroeless for that kind of photography and still would take a dslr..