Olympus OMD EM-1 Mark II Marketing Videos

Olympus released some additional OMD EM-1 Mark II marketing videos that show off some of the features that make the EM-1 Mark II stand out. This camera looks like it will be an AF monster once it is released.



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  • waterengineer

    Have they worked on the shortcoming of this format? The high ISO performance is not good. Until that gets much better, at this point I don’t think many will care about the burst rate, AF etc.

    • I actually go all the way back to the GF1 so yes and it’s not that bad. Modern m43 is pretty close to APS-C. I wouldn’t use it at night, but if you meter properly you should be ok. The recent Pen F DXO scores were good and that’s 2 more MP.

      • waterengineer

        I disagree with your comment about “close to APS-C”. Sorry. I can’t get a file I like on my OM-D higher than ISO 1600 MAYBE 2500 if I don’t look too closely. Current Nikon crop sensor is easily more than two stops. However, my point is that Oly is going attempting to market this new body as a pro body when it isn’t there yet. Pros, now, will want amazing high ISO performance.

        • Well that depends on your needs. I know pros that won’t go above 1600 ISO on a full frame. In my experience m43 holds together pretty well until it just doesn’t so if 3200 ISO is usable most should be satisfied. On the Pen F 1600 is definitely good and 3200 is mixed in my opinion so if this makes 3200 good then it’s good enough for pros.

          I have met a lot of professionals and everyone wants something different. Some will still deal with an older camera that can’t go above 800 ISO comfortably because they like the look of the files. Everyone has different needs.

          I think this camera is going to be best for shooting sports and wildlife during the day. It should put perform anything else on the market, unless Sony releases the rumored A9, but I think that’s unlikely after the a99mII.

          Fujifilm probably has the best stratigy at the moment, but only time will tell. Sony is hinting at having to release something to compete with the X-T2 so maybe this changes the timeline.

          The thing is if you have a bad back and don’t want to carry around a lot of heavy equipment nothing beats m43. So it’s worth a look if you need to carry 2-3 lenses and have back issues, which are increasingly common. My APS-C kit can get heavy, but my m43 kits never did.

        • Eno

          There’s hardly half a stop difference between the best Nikon APSC’s and the previous best m4/3 sensors.
          The new 20,4 Mp sensor in Em1 mk2 is advertised to be 1 stop better (noise and DR), this will make it better than any current APSC’s on the market (for the moment).