GExtractor For 4K/6K Photo Extraction

GExtractor is a helper application for photographers who are leveraging the 4K/6K capabilities of their cameras. It allows easy selection of frames and can either save to file or copy directly to the pasteboard. Any movie file supported by OS X can be used to extract single images.

Use Keyboard shortcuts to quickly select frames:

Space: select frame
Left/Right: move by one frame
N: Advance one second
B: One second back
F: mark start of range
T: mark end of range
R: add selected range to selection
S: save current frame
E: batch extract frames in selection
C: copy current frame to pasteboard

You can Download GExtractor via iTunes

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  • waterengineer

    How long until a PC – Linux or Windows version?

    • Not sure if they have any plans for this, but there are still a lot of developers making Apple centric products for creatives. I like both Windows and OSX, but I prefer Apple for creative work like many others.