Biotar 58mm f/2 Lens Officially Announced

(Koblenz, Germany) An updated version of the Biotar 58mm f2 will join the already announced Biotar 75mm f1.5, as the first two pieces in Oprema Jena’s lineup of modern remakes of classic lenses, the company announced today.

Oprema is offering 58 people the chance to get the Biotar 75 and Biotar 58 – both originally produced by Carl Zeiss — as part of a special rewards bundle in the current Kickstarter campaign for the Biotar 75. The 58 Biotar 58s will be pre-production models with serial numbers between 1 and 58. A pledge of $1,999 USD would allow someone to get both lenses at $2,500 less than the combined projected retail price for the lenses.

The Biotar 75 is expected to go on the market next summer at a projected retail price of $2,499, with the Biotar 58 following by the end of the year at a projected retail price of $1,999.

“This shows that Oprema is not a one-time activity but a strategic effort to bring those great lenses back to live,” said Dr. Stefan Immes, who heads Oprema. “We are following our plan.”

The Biotar 58/2 will be available with mounts for:

  • Canon
  • Nikon
  • Sony-E
  • Leica-M (rangefinder coupling supported)
  • Fuji X
  • M42

Via Photorumors

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  • Orange Elephant

    This site is miles behind everyone else with MFT rumours! Nothing about the EM-10 mk3 at all? 🙁

    • The Addict sites aren’t really about rumors, but when I receive unique rumors I post them. I’m not going to chase other people’s rumors especially if they take mine without linking back… Right now we get solid leaks on FujiAddict that are taken within minutes of posting without credit. I don’t have anyone sending tips in for 43 yet and I rarely get things for Sony for SonyAddict. I’m also not going to make stuff up just to call it canceled later. I can project outwards with the best of them, but speculation is just clickbait. I also can’t justify m43 prices right now, but when I get another m43 body ill be generating more unique content for this site like I do Sony/Fuji.