7Artisans / DJ-Optical For MFT

There is new Chineses option available that is very cheap and comes in attractive focal lengths for mirrorless cameras sold under the 7Artisans / DJ-Optical names:

Via Photorumors

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  • Rich Watson

    I ordered one and received it today. But it didn’t come with the 3-pronged lens hood as shown in the photos.

    • The 7.5? Odd it looks like it’s fixed.

      • got mine a week back (FujiX Mount) and preparing the review. the hood on 7.5mm fisheye can be unscrewed. first impressions are good so far, good build quality, smooth focus and we can’t complain about much for $139.

  • Rich Watson

    I wrote to 7 Artisans about the lens hood. They wrote back and said that the lens cap was a 2-piece assembly. So I checked, and sure enough, the lens hood was stuffed into the cap. I had thought it was strange that the lens cap screwed onto the lens (I had never seen THAT before). But upon further inspection, I realized that the hood SCREWED onto the lens, while the lens cap was just a push-on friction fit item.