Mirrorless Lessons: Panasonic GH5 Full Review

Mirrorless Lessons released their excellent review of the Panasonic GH5 and it’s surprisingly different than the rest because it focuses on the cameras photo ability over video ability. The Panasonic GH series has always been well rounded, but ML call the GH5 one of the most well-rounded cameras they have ever reviewed.

Table of Contents:
– 1:16 – What I like the most: design and functionality
– 4:42 – What I like: autofocus and speed (8:21 – AF for video)
– 11:16 – What I like: 6K Photo and other features
– 14:29 – Good improvement: image quality
– 16:28 – Good but not the best: image stabilization
– 19:43 – Why the GH5 stands out: video capabilities
– 25:07 – Conclusion

If I were going to buy a flagship m43 camera today it would be a Panasonic GH5, but the Olympus OM-D wouldn’t be far behind. Especially if they dropped the price to bring it more in line with cameras like the Fujifilm X-T2 or even Nikon D500.

Panasonic GH5: B&H Photo / Amazon / Adorama
Panasonic GH5 Film Maker Kit: B&H Photo


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  • Eno

    A good video review.

  • jeffp3456

    “If I were going to buy a flagship m43 camera today it would be a Panasonic GH5, but the Olympus OM-D wouldn’t be far behind. Especially if they dropped the price to bring it more in line with cameras like the Fujifilm X-T2 or even Nikon D500.”

    I am confused, Louis. The EM-1, the GH5 and the D500 have the same MSRP, so I don’t understand how dropping the price will bring it in line with the D500. Yes all the above models are having various rebates and sales but I am comparing MSRP because it is too hard to keep track of all the comings and goings of the sales. the Fuji is less expensive but does not have the high frame rate of the EM1 or the D500, also in high burst mode the Fuji shows only the first image of the burst in the viewfinder. The Fuji is a great camera (I own an XPro 2) but it is not in the same performance class for high speed action photography as the D500 or EM1 and according to the Mirrorlessons linked review neither is the GH5.
    I am not picking on you, there seems to be a trope on the internet that only the EM1 is too expensive and I really don’t get it. So enlighten me please.

    • I value image quality and resolution most and the X-T2 wins both easily in my opinion. High speed shooting isn’t as important to me, but the X-T2 does 14fps with the battery grip and in electronic shutter mode there is no black out just like the a9. The only real issue the X-T2 has with high speed is buffer. The D500 only does 10fps and the OMD does 15fps. As for price the D500 has been hovering between 1700-1900, while the X-T2 is fixed at 1599, but you can get the battery grip included sometimes, which gives you the 14fps at 1599. The OMD is staying firmly at 2000, but they have done a few lens bundles, but nothing fantastic yet. The OMD kind of gets attractive around 1600, but its far better at 1400-1500 since the sensor is smaller and that is far more difficult to work around than fps or IBS, which won’t stop motion blur when a subject is in motion. It simply has more weaknesses than strengths, but it has some unique features, which make it attractive. On the other hand the Panasonic GH5 has a lot more unique features that make up for m43’s inherent weaknesses, which actually put the camera in a category worthy of demanding a premium, but man of them are lost on people that are strictly photographers.

      • jeffp3456

        I don’t doubt your opinion, I am just fascinated that the internet has collectively decided that the EM1 is “overpriced” and I have not seen any review or mention that does not repeat that trope. Any kind of proper competitive analysis of the 4 cameras listed would normalize the price based on functions, volume and age in market, etc. and IMO they all come out about equal in that regard. The GH5 most reviewers agree is the camera to get if you do video whereas the EM1 for stills, ok but don’t you find it interesting that not one review has mentioned that the GH5 is overpriced when it is the exact same price as the EM1? That is my point, only the Oly is “overpriced” not the GH5 or the others including the Fuji which requires the grip.
        You didn’t say you prefered the GH5 because of its video features over the EM1 you just said that if the EM1 were cheaper you would be more interested. So if the EM1 were $1699 would you buy it instead of the GH5?

        • I don’t prefer it because of the video functions. I just think it’s very unique video functions that affect everytime you shoot a video allow it to have a unique price point. My problem with the OMD goes back to the launch of m43. One of the promises was lower prices and better performance. Well the omd doesn’t have better performance, but it has some unique features, but they aren’t unique features that affect every time you press the shutter button for a photo or video. IBS is something I find largely uninteresting and I’m fine shooting handheld at very low shutter speeds, but most of the time my subjects are in motion. I don’t need to shoot astro handheld. Parlor tricks don’t justify a $500 premium. If the OMD were around $1500 I would probably buy one since I’m not a bit fan of video and appreciate weight reduction.

          I owned a GF1 and GH2 and all of the m43 lenses for quite a while, before prices started getting a bit crazy. I also had a GH3 and GX7 among a few other m43 cameras when they were appropriately priced. Panasonic and Olympus haven’t been in it to win it for a while now and I was very hopefully they would come around with the new flagship cameras. When the price points were announced just about everyone that tries to be non bias about photography and just roots for the best tech to win out collectively sighed, because Panasonic and Olympus signaled they were satisfied just selling to their current customers. I don’t think anyone is going to enter m43 at these prices, but a lot will leave that don’t have a glass collection.

          There is still a lot of cool m43 stuff out there, but I don’t think it’s enough to get people to buy into the system. They should beat their peers across the board on price unless the can do something incredibly useful that no other camera can. Right now GH5 is the only m43 camera with that crown.

          • jeffp3456

            I am curious, what are the unique functions of the GH5 that you refer to which make it worth the $500 over the EM1?
            I am genuinely curious as my favorite and most used M43 lens is the PL 100-400mm and I have wondered if it would perform better on the Panny body. Absolutely the EM1 is not a perfect camera as such a camera to the best of my knowledge does not exist but off the bat, for the price Oly should have added dual UHS2 slots, a focus joystick and higher resolution LCD and even the higher EVF of the A9 but I don’t know much about the GH5 and would like to know what features are exclusive to it that you refer to.