Olympus Continues Dominating Mirrorless Sales in Japan

Olympus continues to dominate the Mirrorless sales rankings in Japan according to BCNranking, but Canon is catching up thanks to the popular EOS-M5. Lets hope that Olympus can hold onto their lead.

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  • Everyone is losing market share to Canon. I would not be surprised to see Canon in first place next year. If they continue to improve the ‘M’ series then I may be tempted back to APS-C at some point.

    • Sony didn’t release a camera that was compelling all last year… I think companies are losing more to Sony at this time. Of course the price of the OMD and GH5 aren’t going to help much. The Canon M5 is an ok camera, but no one is picking it as their camera of the year. Maybe the M6, but by then we will have a7III’s out. At least the future of digital photography is going to be interesting.